Theatre Things: 11 thoughts on The Barbershop Chronicles

OK, this is a bit of a throwback….saw this in November…I know, I know- Better late than never but never late is better etc…………

The Barbershop Chronicles bounces through hilarious antics played out in six barbershops across six cities: Lagos, Accra (the best, obvs), Harare, Kampala and Johannesburg, with London’s Three Kings Barbers at the centre. Expect to hear requests for free cuts (of course), Continue reading

Throwback Thursday Books: Inua Ellams’ Candy Coated Unicorns and Converse All Stars

Title: Candy Coated Unicorns and Converse All Stars By: Inua Ellams Year Published: 2011

Long ago, life was far simpler and all I had to do on a weekday was: go to work, then eat, drink and chill* somewhere, then count how many hours sleep I could have before alarm time.

Around these times, a friend invited me to a gathering at a flat near the office so I went, expecting to Continue reading

Book Review: The Girls

Title: The Girls By: Emma Cline Year Published: 2016

In a sentence (no spoilers, please): Bored (and boring) teenage girl becomes an unconvincing member of a 60s ranch cult (like Manson’s) so she can be one of The Girls

Why did you pick it up? I saw this book getting rave reviews everywhere and finally gave in after a year when I saw it on a Waterstones BOGOF table. Also loved the cover

When did you read it? A few months ago, I think I put it down for a few weeks as well. Like No Logo, this took me ages to read but for completely different reasons.

This is probably a 50 billion word story which was supposed to serve as an anecdote for how difficult it is for Continue reading

Roams: Malta

Been back from Malta for over a month but it’s been a month of distractions so this is a little late! Had a beautiful, chilled trip, a birthday gift from my Other Half (Thank you! xx). We ate a lot and swam a lot. Wait an hour after eating before swimming they say. PFFFT. If you’ve been following, this was the last trip of the my free June ….which I should really be rounding up soon. It’s now August.

Go If you like: Morocco, Spain, Mediterranean coastal areas

Weather? I’m inclined to say it’s always hot because it couldn’t imagine it otherwise. Apparently there are some cold days between December and February but I’ll believe it when I feel it. Continue reading

Art Things: Remi Rough

Remi Rough’s monochrome 3D line sketches caught my eye immediately at The Dulwich Outdoor Gallery pop up (Dulwich Village) . His other kaleidoscopic line frames took me back to the graphics on my dad’s old Technics sound system equaliser. Anything that sparks that kind of nostalgia can keep my attention. Continue reading