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What are you doing? What is this?

A blank space to write on a (somewhat) regular basis! Expect writings about general life; maybe also some social issues and pop culture on occasion.

I love writing and have small obsessions with literature of many kinds- from classic books to modern novels to non fiction, graphic novels and magazines. I have stacks of stuff I’ve read or forgotten to read lying around EVERYWHERE. I’ll be reviewing some here, maybe I’ll figure out where my writing inspirations come from.

Always have a film in my head somewhere that I’m about to see or have just seen- take a look at my reviews. I’ll help you spend your popcorn money wisely. Expect to see short pieces on music and design too. Despite being a science grad, I can often lean more toward creative than analytical stuff but I like both.

Chronicling travels  – nostalgic or current because I tend to randomly remember moments when I’m supposed to be working!

Contact me, I will write for the love of it (or monies) – or just drop a line to say hi, would be great to connect.

Charlene xx


I have a seperate  site where I sometimes rate a few of the places I hangout or eat in London so if you are stuck for somewhere to go, take a peep:  London & Chill