Throwback Thursday Books: Inua Ellams’ Candy Coated Unicorns and Converse All Stars

Title: Candy Coated Unicorns and Converse All Stars By: Inua Ellams Year Published: 2011

Long ago, life was far simpler and all I had to do on a weekday was: go to work, then eat, drink and chill* somewhere, then count how many hours sleep I could have before alarm time.

Around these times, a friend invited me to a gathering at a flat near the office so I went, expecting to Continue reading

Book Review: The Girls

Title: The Girls By: Emma Cline Year Published: 2016

In a sentence (no spoilers, please): Bored (and boring) teenage girl becomes an unconvincing member of a 60s ranch cult (like Manson’s) so she can be one of The Girls

Why did you pick it up? I saw this book getting rave reviews everywhere and finally gave in after a year when I saw it on a Waterstones BOGOF table. Also loved the cover

When did you read it? A few months ago, I think I put it down for a few weeks as well. Like No Logo, this took me ages to read but for completely different reasons.

This is probably a 50 billion word story which was supposed to serve as an anecdote for how difficult it is for Continue reading

Throwback Thursday Books: Aya

The picture books again? They’re not picture books. They’re Graphic Novels

If you say…..


Title: Aya By: Words- Marguerite Abouet, illustrations-  Clement Oubrerie Year:2007 (English translation)

When did you read it? 2011, I thought it was exciting to see an African take on Graphic Novels and Aya didn’t disappoint

Remember it being good or bad? I remember enjoying this, it’s quick, funny, warm and energetic. There’s a hint of nostalgia , even though I’ve never been to Côte d’Ivoire… or the 70s. Continue reading

Book Review: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Weren’t you reading this ages ago? Yep, technically, this is a throwback book and I should have done it on Thursday. It’s Saturday.

Title: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Animal By: Haruki Murakami Year: 1994

When did you read it? Summer 2014, took it with me on my trip to Hong Kong. I had ambitious intentions but ended up only being able to get through about 30 pages. Every day I was distracted by stuff like food and lifts up very tall buildings. Finished it when I got back.

Remember it being good or bad? Good,different. Very interesting but also a bit disorientating. A lot of it seemed like a string of dreams that barely made sense Continue reading

The Throwback Thursday Books: The Social Animal


I signed up to recently to get some book recommendations and also cry about how much I’ve spent on Amazon in life.

The website imports books from your history, requesting that you review and rate them. I realised that in some cases, I couldn’t clearly remember every detail about a book but I could easily remember whether I was impressed by it or not and also how it made me feel. Looking at some of these book covers, I could even remember where I was as a person but that’s not what this is about. We’d need a long evening for that Continue reading

Book Review: Nine Stories

This is a strange book

I see you’ve given into another Amazon impulse buy. Yep

Title: Nine Stories By: JD Salinger

Year Published: 1948

In a sentence (no spoilers, please): Quick, entertaining but odd fiction pieces which seem to be experimentations with characters and themes rather than just stories

 Why did you pick it up? I’m a big fan of ‘The Catcher In the Rye’ and assumed this would be nine short stories in the same vein. It wasn’t.

When did you read it? Finished it just now

I’d probably agree with the friend who once told me I’m a starter-finisher when it comes to books. A habit which I think is good for book reviews but bad for general life. Continue reading