The Reel Review: Tale Of Tales

This is a fairy tale. Not that kind of fairy tale- do not take kids to see this. This is the kind of fairy tale I imagine would happen if Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm smoked marijuana (or crack) and then just called out ridiculous ideas until some of them stuck. I’ve always been a fan of ridiculous ideas if well implemented so this was a treat for me.

The Stats- Year: 2015 Length: 133 mins Director/Producer: Matteo Garrone Who’s in it?: Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Continue reading

The Reel Review: The Nice Guys

Fortunately, I didn’t ask anyone what this film was about prior to seeing it. They probably would have (accurately) said something like: “Oh, it’s a bromance about middle aged men investigating missing porn stars”. To which I would have responded: “OK, I think I’ll just stay home and eat things instead”. This conversation never happened though.

The Stats- Year: 2016 Length: 116 mins Director: Shane Black Producer: Joel Silver Continue reading

The Reel Review: Ferris Bueller

Because these are the role models we need.

The Stats- Year: 1986  Length: 103 mins Director: John Hughes Producer: John Hughes  Who’s in it?: Matthew Broderick (who never outdoes this btw), Mia Sara, Alan Ruck

Rating: 8/10. 

‘Bueller…..Bueller….Bueller!’ You probably know the scene well; a bunch of bored teenagers and a disgruntled teacher in the picture that single handedly honed the infamous sickie into an art form. In an era where high school movies seemed determined to deconstruct the dynamics of lunch room society, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) simply does exactly what a silver screen gem is supposed to: entertain.

So what if he wakes up with a five o’clock shadow although he wasn’t even supposed to be old enough to drink in America yet? Continue reading

The Reel Review: Fresh Dressed

Instead of doing the million and one things I’m supposed to be doing now (including my Lisbon post and reformatting my hard disk)- Netflix made me watch the Sundance 2015 docu project Fresh Dressed. Thanks Netflix

The Stats- Year: 2015  Length: 83 mins Director: Sacha Jenkins Producer: Nasir Jones/ Sacha Jenkins Who’s in it?: Endless ‘80s & ‘90s rappers, designers, Andre Leon Talley for fashion credibility and excellent cartoons

Rating: 6.8/10 (please bear in mind this is my first rating so I have absolutely no context)

Watching Fresh Dressed made me wish I was a decade or so older a few times just so I could feel the cultural references properly. Of course, I recognised a lot of the people and the labels but its nothing like coming of age during the seminal 80s-90s eras described. It’s the equivalent of explaining Alex Mack and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles to my little
sister. She was there- but she wasn’t there. Continue reading