Theatre Things: 11 thoughts on The Barbershop Chronicles

OK, this is a bit of a throwback….saw this in November…I know, I know- Better late than never but never late is better etc…………

The Barbershop Chronicles bounces through hilarious antics played out in six barbershops across six cities: Lagos, Accra (the best, obvs), Harare, Kampala and Johannesburg, with London’s Three Kings Barbers at the centre. Expect to hear requests for free cuts (of course), Continue reading

Art Things: Remi Rough

Remi Rough’s monochrome 3D line sketches caught my eye immediately at The Dulwich Outdoor Gallery pop up (Dulwich Village) . His other kaleidoscopic line frames took me back to the graphics on my dad’s old Technics sound system equaliser. Anything that sparks that kind of nostalgia can keep my attention. Continue reading

Music Things: El Michels Affair

Enter the 37th Chamber

Much like the original take, you cannot help but nod your head to El Michel Affair’s jazzy funk instrumental version of C.R.E.A.M. I will be the first to say I am not usually interested in remakes of time-tested classics. The eight per cent of times it goes right, it’s amazing. All the rest is heart breaking- fortunately for me, 37th Chamber belongs to the former category….

I am a massive fan of the original Enter the 36 Chambers (strangely the only Wu-Tang album I listen to) Continue reading